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Varsity Link

Varsity Link is a branch within the Worldlink business solutions which specializes in equipping varsity students with the best instruments needed to succeed in tertiary education. Members of varsity connect enjoy unlimited excess to all our online support structures which comprise of the following:

  • Exposure to the work place
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Varsity Link Social
  • Course Material
  • Worldlink job alert

The above mentioned structures are there to enable students to achieve the best possible results, while maintaining a balanced life, which is crucial element needed by a students to excel in the modern day university environment. They also there to ensure the detrimental increase in the student's accountability at university level in comparison to that required at a high school level.

At Worldlink we believe that preparation is the key to success in any given situation, yes knowledge, experience and other credentials are also crucial ingredients for success but without preparation, the best possible result cannot be achieved. The naked truth is better than the best dressed lie; preparation is the main ingredient to succeed in varsity.

Brief explanation of our structures:

Exposure to the workplace: Worldlink offers varsity students an opportunity to interact with Companies through our 'Thrive SA Initiative', students who have the required skills level required to service companies, as well as those who are willing to train and reach the required level, can register and obtain service provider status as 'Worldlink's Service Provider', which will enable them to bid online to service approved candidates of the Thrive SA Initiative.

Mentorship Programs: Member of varsity link have access to our Lifetime Connection feed, which comparisons of successful business personnel's, who will give students the platform to engage them, while offering unlimited firsthand experience on what it take to build a succeed. There will also be designated professionals who will be available online to give career advice to students in their particular field of study.
Varsity Link Social: Varsity Link Social is a communication device which connects all university students. Member can contact students from other institution share their varsity experiences, course material and any other useful information.

Course Material: Varsity link has a drop box, where students can share useful material with fellow students i.e. Past Papers.  The drop box content will collected and categories by our team and thereafter published online to be accessed by members in a folder under their respective fields. Our team will also take the initiative of obtaining useful course material from the various university departments and publish it online to be accessed by members.

Worldlink Job Alert: Job Alert is Worldlink's service of notifying students of available jobs in their respective fields of study. This service will assist students with obtaining employment, internships and vacation work during the course of their studies.
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