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Thrive SA

'Thrive SA' is a Worldlink initiative in partnership with leading South African Corporation and Service Providers, to empower micro enterprises within our various emerging markets. This initiative is aimed at arming our micro enterprises with the tools they need to survive in our modern business world, insuring growth within our economy while fighting the war against unemployment.

Research often shows that an estimated average of 5 out of 7 newly established small businesses don't survive. Over the years business analysts have formulated numerous reasons justifying this dreadful reoccurring statistic such as:

  • Poor management
  • Starting a business for wrong reasons
  • Insufficient capital
  • Location
  • Lack of planning
  • Over expansion
  • No marketing plan

Unfortunately the above mentioned reason are valid and often do lead to business failure, however a closer study has shown that they aren't the core primary causes of business failure, but merely the result thereof, stimulated by lack of 'PLAMISM', PLAMISM being the business's primary key administrative functions, of which the lack of generally does result in the aforesaid reasons for business failure.

The thrive initiative aims to target the core cause of business failure by ensuring that all small or startup business's are equipped with PLAMISM (PR and communication, Legal compliance, Accounting, Marketing, IT, Sales and Management).  This initiative will stabilize startups and small businesses, increasing job security for our employees within the micro sector.
Qualifying entities or personnel will be given full scope assistance of 'PLAMISM':

  • PR and communication
  • Legal Compliance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Sales
  • Management  
There are also business skills workshops which candidates can apply for such as:

  • Marketing and Sales Training
  • Computer Skills
  • Fundamentals of customer services
  • Fundamentals of selling
  • Sales management
  • Sales skills basic
  • Sales skills advanced

Enterprises or institutions that fall within the scope of our initiative must complete the application form bellow, by clicking on 'APPLY NOW' link below. A service consultant will contact applicant after the evaluation of the application.

         Click here for Thrive SA qualifying criteria