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Sales consultants

Worldlink's chain of 'Sales Consultants' is a branch of the Worldlink's business solutions which specializes in sales solutions.  Our specialized range of sales consultants comprise of advance trained and well equipped individuals, who have mastered the craft of sales.

When you sign up as Worldlink's sales consultants, you immediately undergo intense training which is followed by concentrated practical business coaching and upon completion of training, each consultant is assigned to a brand of their choice, and thereafter commence trading. A Consultant may be registered for more than one brand at a time.

Sales Consultants are monitored online and enjoy the benefits of our "Lifetime Link", a communication structure, which enable pioneers to have a lifetime correspondence with our "Expends on Demand" offering consultants' unlimited excess to information regarding new trends and any other instrumental developments within the sales and marketing industry.

To Apply complete the application form bellow. The HR Department will contact you after evaluation and validation of all documents, which will be followed by an interview.

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